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John Crump Jr.    John Crump 9-28-10 pic2.JPG
Tensleep Creek
Many miles of looking resulted in a happy hunter with his first moose! John is one of our owners and is an avid hunter. He spends many hours in the outdoors. Good luck to all participants in the 2010 Big Buck Contest from John! *John is not an official contestant. **Bring in your 'bigger than John's moose' and have a chance to win $500 cash card!



Max Wilen-Week 1 Winner-$100.00 Gift Certificate from T&T Guns and Ammo

Max Wilen 9-16-10.JPG
Moskee, WY-9/16/10
Parked about 6:00 a.m. and hiked along old logging road. The elk were silent-no bugling and no mewing, so I began hunting whitetail. As I was still hunting along the trail a group of whitetail came into view. I began stalking close when ahead I notice the bull coming straight to me. I hadn't bugled or chirped, but straight on he came. It had been raining and the ground was moist and quiet. I stepped behind a large pine and watched the bull come. He began to skirt me to catch my scent. He was about 35 yards away when he stepped behind some doghair pine. I drew the Mathews 58 lb bow. I had 85 grain Montec G5 broadheads on. When he stepped out I let him have it. He buckled and ran back the way he had come. Then he stopped and I could see him standing. And then he disappeared. Since this was my first shot at any living creature, I was sure he had got away. I began to stalk forward to get my arrow. Glancing to where he had run, I noticed him down 50 yards away. My arrow hit him at the top of the lungs, severing the windpipe and arteries. It was an unbelievable stroke of luck-in the right place at the right time. He scored (per Bear Bones European Mounts) 250.5 gross. A trophy for my first I decided.



Toni L. Bell-Week 2 Winner-$25.00 Gift Certificate from Wyoming Work Warehouse  Toni Bell 9-24-10.JPG
Cody, WY-9/24/10
This was my first bow hunt for elk. My husband and I rode our horses to where we had heard them bugling the night before. We hiked into a burn area. We were on one side of the ridge and the elk were on the other side. We snuck into an area of burnt trees with a cow decoy. We saw the elk on the other side of the ridge. Rusty, my husband, started to cow call and he started walking our way. When he got below us in the creek at the bottom of the ridge, I quickly walked to a tree 30 yards ahead of Rusty and the decoy. He was coming fast and bugling all the way. Soon he was on the other side of my tree, I drew my bow, he walked broadside to me and straight for Rusty and the decoy. He stopped and I shot him. I thought that I had hit him in the shoulder. He ran a few steps and stopped, I nocked another arrow, but all I had was his rear view. I was cursing myself for missing when he started to take a few steps forward, staggered to the right and fell dead. What an exciting day for my first elk ever and with my bow.



Aaron Money Aaron Money 9-26-10.jpg
Cloud Peak Reservoir, WY-9/26/10
My first archery elk! Called in to 60 yards, shot him, he took 3-4 steps and fell over. I started screaming then the work began.



Terry Southworth-"Beat John's Moose" Winner-$500.00 Terry Southworth 9-30-10.jpg
Teton County, WY-9/30/10
I am a Marine stationed at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Bridgeport, California as an instructor for the Mule Packing Course. Luckily I have only had to miss one Wyoming big game hunting season since age 12 due to a deployment to Iraq. 11 years ago I began putting in preference points for moose off the advice of my dad. This was the year I was going to cash in. My dad and myself decided upon a hunt area after extensively researching the drawing odds, hunter success rate, and average days to hunt. A couple months after putting in I received my tag for 4 combined areas that only 1 non-resident and 3 other residents had drawn. Dad was unable to conduct a preseason-scouting trip and it was impossible for me to take any leave before hunting season to do so. This limited us to deciding exactly where to hunt off of just our map reconnaissance. On September 17th I checked out on leave and began the drive to Wyoming from California arriving the following day at noon. I linked up with my dad who had brought all the camping supplies, my hunting gear, and my rifle from home. We setup camp and fished for awhile before heading out to see if we could find a moose nearby. After 4 hours of hunting it was now 7 PM with just under an hour of legal shooting hours left we had come across some thick, tall willows along the river. Sticking up over the tops of these willows was the large rack and two ears of a moose. Now excited, I stalked to within 40 yards to place one 180gr Sierra GameKing through both his lungs with my .300 WSM Browning A-Bolt. He only went 30 yards before collapsing. Then the work began to get him quartered up and packed out before the wolves or grizzly bears discovered us. It took 8 hours with no incidences to get back to camp with my newly acquired trophy moose. He green scored 190 Boone and Crocket and will place well in the All Time records. Terry Southworth Sgt/USMC



Brad Reynolds-Week 3 Winner-$100.00 Gift Certificate from Rocky Mountain Discount Sports  Brad Reynolds 10-3-10.jpg
Area 21, WY-10/3/10
I was actually elk hunting when I spotted this beauty taking a nap with a couple of his buddies.



Jackie Morgan-Winner of Pronghorn Division  Jackie Morgan 10-4-10.jpg
Lakeway and Hwy 50, WY-10/4/10
Look close at his nose-he has a horn growing out-my make B&C.



Keith Kline Keith Kline 10-5-10.jpg
Area 17 Recluse, WY-10/5/10
The buck was bedded with 10 does when I spotted him. I stalked to within 100 yards and took him with one shot from my Savage .270. He measures 24" wide x 24" tall. 6x4 including brow tines.



Tim Kalus-Winner of Moose Division Tim Kalus 10-5-10.JPG
Southeast Wyoming-10/5/10
It took 24 years of applying for a moose tag, but this year I was lucky enough to draw my once-in-a-lifetime tag. After scouting throughout the summer and locating a number of bulls, I was able to locate and harvest my bull on opening morning of bow season. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime hunt and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was lucky enough to have my father with me who inspired my passion for the outdoors and hunting.



Wes Helgeson Wes Helgeson 10-5-10.JPG
Area 16, WY-10/5/10
Called in to 33 yards, taken with a Hoyt compound.


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