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Jeff Cardona Jeff Cardona 10-20-10.JPG
Southeast Wyoming-10/20/10
This deer was taken on a general deer license, public land, DIY hunt. He is 30 3/8" wide and unofficially scores 204 1/8"



Cassie M. Linduska-Honorable Mention of Mule Deer Division  Cassie Linduska 10-20-10.jpg
Area 19, WY-10/20/10
My brother and I had been spotting large numbers of muledeer does this particular morning as we had the weekend before. It was only about an hour and a half past sunrise, the deer were up grazing due to the overcast and the changing weather. We happened to come up on a small 4x2 and another small buck that were no more than 50 yards from us and were the least bit skiddish. We sat and contemplated harvesting it for about 15 minutes, but I passed on the opportunity. I knew that if I had the urge once we backtracked through the area the two would still be there. We continued down the trail and my brother kept insisting that due to the large doe population and little human traffic there had to be some big bucks hiding amongst the brush. Sure enough, not a half-mile further we made our way around a knoll and from the large sage emerged the antlers and ear tips from this buck. As excited as I was I swore he was gonna spook and take off, so I quickly took rest. He never got up-never. I guess he thought we wouldn't see him and pass him up as others probably had. So, as my brother whistled and cluttered, I estimated my shot through the sage and up the draw using his ears and antlers as a guide for the perfect shot. One shot and 100+ yards is where I harvested this big-bodied 27 inch wide 4x4 (not including eye-guards)with 2 inch eye-guards. Not too shabby for public land. And, thanks to my brother for letting me be the one to harvest it!



John C "Jack" Sundquist-Honorable Mention of Big Horn Sheep Division  John C Jack Sundquist 10-20-10.jpg
Area 4 near Shoshone Pass, WY-10/20/10
In the mid-afternoon I was glassing from the ridge when two rams walked into a clearing below. They were both good rams at 900 yards. I hunched down and approached through a ravine to 200 yards. One ram had a longer horn, the other ram was heavier but broomed off. Not a time to flip a coin; I chose the ram with the heavier horn and dumped him with one shot. The other ram bolted over the canyon rim. I waited to ensure my ram was done when the second ram came back, sniffed his pal and then trotted back into the mountains and disappeared.



Mitchell Wayne Kinsinger Michell Wayne Kinsinger 10-20-10.jpg
Area 19, WY-10/20/10



Paul Baker Paul Baker 10-21-10.jpg
Region B, WY-10/21/10
Green score 220. Thanks to Fourhorse Outfitters!



Rolyn Ludens-Honorable Mention of Pronghorn Division  Rolyn Ludens 10-22-10.jpg
Unit 23, WY-10/21/10
1 shot 200 yds, 243 win. 100gr. Should make B&C Book.



Gary Owens Gary Owens 10-22-10.JPG
Area 17, WY-10/22/10
After hunting all season and not getting anything, my daughter and I decided to try one last time on the last day of the season. Lucky for me we did. I spotted this 6x6 (including brow tines) mule deer at about 200 yards away, standing looking at us. I killed him with one shot from a Remington 30-06.
What an end to a great hunt.



Melvin Blakesley Melvin Blakesley 10-22-10.jpg
Area 62, WY-10/22/10
Third tines are 50" wide. Fourth points are 25" long. 7x8 bull. Killed on national forest.



Shawn Hofmeister-Week 6 Winner-$25.00 Gift Certificate from Thunder Basin Motorsports Shawn Hofmeister 10-24-10.jpg
Area 19, WY-10/24/10
Horn span 27. Neck was 23.



Rocky Feddersen-Week 7 Winner-WY Work Warehouse Hat and $100.00 Gift Certificate from Big Horn Tire Rocky Feddersen 10-25-10.jpg
Unit #73, WY-10/25/10
Upon spotting this great buck with a large herd of does, along a ridgeline. I was able to put on a lengthy stalk and close the distance to within 300 yards and bring the big guy down. It was an unforgettable hunt with my son, and great friends. To come home with a B&C buck only added to a truely great experience. A few of the numbers on the buck for those interested are 13.25 spread, 16.75 length,7.5 bases, and 6 inch cutters put him in at a green score of around 85 BC.


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